The Commission has a President and seven Commissioners.

Previous Office Holders:



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner
Age Discrimination Commissioner
Disability Discrimination Commissioner
Human Rights Commissioner
Race Discrimination Commissioner
Sex Discrimination Commissioner
  • Ms Elizabeth Broderick: 2007 - 2015
  • The Hon. John von Doussa AO: 2007 (Acting)
  • Ms Pru Goward: 2001–2007
  • Ms Susan Halliday: 1998–2001
  • Ms Moira Scollay: 1997–1998 (Acting)
  • Ms Susan Walpole: 1993–1997
  • Ms Quentin Bryce AC: 1988–1993
  • Ms Pam O'Neill: 1984–1988
Commissioner responsible for Age Discrimination


Privacy Commissioner

On 1 January 1989, the Privacy Act 1988 took effect, establishing the Privacy Commissioner within the Australian Human Rights Commission.

On 1st July 2000 a new Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) was established by the federal Parliament.  With the establishment of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) in 2010, this role was amalgamated into the new office. For further information visit the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner's website at:

Privacy Commissioner
  • Mr Kevin O’Connor, AM: 1989-1996
  • Ms Moira Scollay 1997-1999
  • Mr Malcolm Crompton 1999-2004
  • Ms Karen Curtis 2004-2010
  • Mr Timothy Pilgrim PSM 2010-2018
  • Ms Angelene Falk 2018-