The Commission provides specialist, independent legal analysis of human rights and discrimination issues for a wide range of groups.

We review existing and proposed legislation and make recommendations about laws and government policies that involve human rights issues.

Submissions to Commonwealth Inquiries

Submissions to Courts as Intervener and Amicus Curiae

Submissions to State Parliaments

Submissions of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner

Submissions on Disability Discrimination issues

Submissions to the United Nations

Our submissions are presented to government agencies, parliamentary committees and other inquiry bodies and promote compliance with Australia’s international human rights commitments.

The Commission also prepares submissions for the courts on matters that deal with human rights or discrimination issues. In some cases, we can appear as amicus curiae – or ‘friend of the court’ – to provide specialist advice.

In addition, the Commission inquires into complaints of alleged breaches of human rights and can prepare a report, including recommendations for action, for the Attorney General to table in federal Parliament.

Our work is guided by the statutory responsibilities given to us in federal human rights and anti-discrimination laws.

When you make a submission to the Commission

Please see the Submission Policy developed by the Commission (August 2014)