Older Women's Risk of Homelessness - discussion paper

Older Women’s Risk of Homelessness: Background Paper

This background paper provides context regarding older women’s homelessness. It offers some potential solutions to reduce women’s risk of homelessness with a focus on preventative and innovative approaches that look beyond social and community...
Employing Older Workers (2018)

Employing Older Workers (2018)

This report is based on a survey of AHRI members conducted in July – August 2018 in association with the Australian Human Rights Commission.
Cover of Healthy Ageing Paper

Willing to Work: Healthy Ageing Paper

This paper expands on the evidence presented in the Willing to Work Inquiry regarding the link between health and workforce participation. As a critical factor of ongoing workforce participation it is important to analyse how improvements in health...
Age discrimination - Qualitative study of employment discrimination against older Australians cover

A qualitative study of employment discrimination against older Australians

In 2015 the Australian Human Rights Commission engaged EY Sweeney to conduct qualitative research to supplement the 2014 quantitative national prevalence survey.
Euthanasia, Human Rights and the Law (2016)

Euthanasia, human rights and the law

This issues paper explores voluntary euthanasia. It is not intended to be exhaustive, however it aims to add to considerations of this very complex and sensitive topic through analysis of the domestic regulatory environment relating to both passive...
Older Australians at Work Summit - February 2015 report cover

Older Australians at Work Summit

A key task of the Older Australians at Work Summit was to investigate what is stopping older people from continuing to contribute within the workplace, and how to get rid of those barriers. The summit provided an opportunity for academics, HR...
Willing to Work Issues Paper: Older Australians

Issues paper: Employment discrimination against older Australians

This Paper is the one of two Issues Papers for the Willing to Work: National Inquiry into Employment Discrimination against Older Australians and Australians with Disability. This paper focuses on issues facing older Australians, while the other...
Age Prevalence Report 2015 cover image

National prevalence survey of age discrimination in the workplace 2015

Foreword    The longevity revolution is underway, inexorably.The number of Australians aged 65 and over is projected to more than double by 2055, when there will be around 40,000 people aged 100 and over. Life expectancy continues to increase. In...
Cover - Your Rights at Retirement

Your Rights at Retirement

Your Rights At Retirement: A guide to making decisions and navigating your entitlements in later life. This booklet helps you to navigate the different phases of ageing. It covers topics from setting up a retirement budget through to considering...
Fact or Fiction? Stereotypes of older Australians research report 2013 cover page

Fact or fiction? Stereotypes of older Australians Research Report 2013

The growth in the number of older Australians provides significant benefits and opportunities for Australia. For example, older Australians are a large and growing consumer market for an extensive range of products and services. Research also shows...